The Famous Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry 2007 Case Is Back In The Limelight

The news is once more centered on a murder investigation from the past that has drawn a lot of interest from internet users. Yes, we are discussing the 2007 murder of two minors, one of whom died. The case has just recently gained new attention.

Many of you must be curious about what happened in 2007 right? But don’t worry we will enlighten you with the whole case. It was shocking and heartbreaking that a 16-year-old killed a 12-year-old youngster. 

Following the autopsy findings, the subject of Gabriel Kuhn’s passing has come up once more. Another murder contributed to his demise. 

The murder took place in 2007, but due to specific events, people are only now starting to take an interest in the case. The teenager reportedly died after being killed at his home and had endured serious injuries. Public interest in the subject was high at the time.

Authorities claim that Daniel Patry, 16, killed Gabriel Kuhn, 12, after abusing and tormenting him for more than a month. The incident happened in Blumenau, Brazil. The cause of the whole thing was the video game Tibia.

Some urban legends suggest that Daniel murdered Gabriel because he was short on cash after Gabriel lent some of his game money and then refused to reimburse him.

The investigation showed that Daniel had a history of being a brat and that despite his parents’ best efforts to get him to seek out mental health treatment, he had refused.

Tibia is an online role-playing game that Daniel and his friends Gabriel and Stephen started playing. While they were both taking part in the game, Daniel became friends with Gabriel, a nearby child.

Gabriel once sought 20,000 in virtual cash from Daniel while playing Tibia. He requested a loan from Daniel to which he agreed but only if he would give it back as quickly as possible.

Daniel frequently contacted his mother to inquire about her whereabouts. Inability to contact the other gang members due to Gabriel’s refusal to return the money.

In a fit of anger, Daniel dialed his mother’s number and inquired as to her expected arrival time in Nova Trento. But unfortunately, his mother was in Nova Trento the night of the incident, about nine o’clock after the incident took place.

He then proceeded to Gabriel’s home and tried to rap on the locked door, but no one answered. Daniel apologized to him to forget everything and be friends together, he was persuaded, everything would be OK. Gabriel decided that what he had said was accurate and unlocked the door.

Gabriel was attacked by Daniel when he entered and the door was locked behind him. He attacked him violently. After that, Daniel began to laugh as he was doused with blood. Daniel felt further pissed when Gabriel implied that he would divulge some of his family’s secrets.

But Daniel was so pissed that he wrapped a rope around Gabriel’s neck but Gabriel proved to be too heavy for him to be hanged, then the attacker sawed off his friend’s legs and tore out his private part while he was still alive.

How Did The Murder Turn Out, Daniel Patry?

Daniel Patry needs to be acting without hesitation right now. He was sentenced to three years in prison for his heinous crime, regardless of how he felt about the situation or if he felt any remorse, according to reports. His antisocial behavior was criticized by many journalists.

He responded that he would complete his vengeance on Daniel Patry in the flames of hell when the judge inquired if he had any closing statements before being sentenced to prison. Although he had killed the infant, he felt no remorse for the child’s parents.

A little child lost his life as a result of the virtual money, which had only a $1.75 value. However, his precise birth date has not yet been made available online.


For how many years has Daniel Patry received a sentence?

3 years

Who was killed?

Gabriel Kuhn

Who killed Gabriel Kuhn?

Daniel Patry

In which year has the murder taking place?


Why was Gabriel Kuhn killed?

For $1.75

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