Why do people practice yoga?

Yoga unites the body, mind and soul and promotes self-healing. It increases flexibility, improves the strength of the body, boosts immunity and prevents a person from getting sick often. The fast-paced world has made many people experience some form of anxiety or stress. Yin yoga enables people to relax and releases tension from the muscles. Yin yoga classes online allow people to learn yoga from the comfort of their homes. Generally, yoga helps the muscles to loosen and gradually reduces aches and pains. In yin yoga, people hold postures for a longer time in a more receptive way. It targets the tissues of the body and calms the nervous system. 

Who can do yoga?

Yoga is a gentle exercise, and people of all ages and fitness levels can do it. It strengthens the body and relaxes the spirit. Doing yoga is a great way to stay energetic. Even people with diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease can do yoga to stay healthy. It strengthens the arms, legs and back muscles. No equipment is required to do yoga, and it can be practised anywhere, at home or outdoors.

Yin yoga makes people stretch their hips, thighs and back. They hold on to their pose for a few minutes with the help of blankets, bolsters or blocks. These yoga poses stretch the subtle connective tissues instead of the dynamic muscles.

Principles of yin yoga

Slow and gentle movements bring people to the pose without causing much strain.

Remain still in the posture without any movement.

Hold the position for 3 to 5 minutes and slowly come out of the pose.

Popular postures in yin yoga

Reclined butterfly: It stimulates the organs in the abdomen and stretches the knees and thighs. It helps to relieve symptoms of depression, stress and menopause.

Supported fish: It is a back-bending posture that expands the chest and relieves the tension in the upper chest, neck and shoulders.

Caterpillar: This pose stresses the ligaments in the spine and compresses the organs near the stomach. It works on the tissues in the back and abdomen, stimulates the kidneys and aids digestion.

Seal: It is a forward bend posture with arms stretched forward. It stretches and strengthens the abdomen and upper back muscles and tones the spine.

Sleeping swan: The posture stretches the muscles surrounding the neck, hips, legs, knees, back and ankle joints. It strengthens the ankles, stretches the hip and stimulates the kidney and liver.

Deer: This pose enhances hip mobility through internal and external rotations. It improves digestion and increases the flexibility of hip joints.

Advantages of practising yin yoga

Reduces stress

Relieves tension

Improves flexibility

Increases circulation

Helps to focus

Calms the nervous system 

Balances the internal organs

Supports bone health

Why do people choose online yoga classes?

Online yoga classes provide an opportunity to learn from the best yoga teachers from any location and are helpful for those who want to practice yoga in private. They need not be worried about being compared to their peers while doing yoga. Yin yoga classes online are offered by several yoga teachers. People can choose a teacher and a time that suits them and practice yoga from anywhere. They need not travel to another place or get dressed to attend class, and they can practice yoga in any outfit in which they feel comfortable. They can even personalize their space which may help them concentrate better.

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