WPC 2029 – HOW DO I CREATE A WPC2029 ACCOUNT & How To Place WPC 2029 Wager

WPC 2029 is a website where you can actually play sabong and wager on sabong fights taking place all over the world. WPC 2029 is a secure and licensed website where owners can wager on cockfighting. Despite the fact that the website has been blocked in India, interested parties can circumvent security and access unauthorized content by using a VPN.

You cannot immediately begin placing Challenge after gaining access to the site. If you’re new to the site, you’ll need to register for an account, and you’ll be asked to create a distinct password and username. After that, you must finish your profile. This includes entering the forename, age, gender, address, and some basic information. 

What is the next step?

The webpage will then ask you specific questions such as your annual revenue, revenue source, profile URL to a social media network, and what you specialize in.

After you’ve completely finished all of this, you’ll be prompted to answer a quick survey, after which you will be asked for your payment information, which will determine how you place your wager.


It is necessary to register with the officials in order to watch and bet on the games. To do so, you must first register with WPC2029. The registration process is simple and entertaining.

It is not like other internet sites that will put you through a monotonous grind; instead, it actually asks you to text their official contact number.

You can consult them via WhatsApp, Viber, and other similar services, and they will issue you with a distinctive “Username” and “Password” after verifying your identity.

You will be capable of logging in to the console using the login details. If you have forgotten your passcodes, you can use the WPC2029 Forgot Password option.

WPC2029 GCash 

WPC2029 GCash If you prefer, you can simply remove your funds solely through this channel. It is regarded as being among the most reliable methods of transferring funds on the WPC console.

Assume you need to instantaneously add money to your wallet in order to place a bid on one of the fights; GCash enables you to complete the transaction records in record time. It acknowledges PayPal, UPI, credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods.

How to Place WPC 2029 Wager

So, once you’ve managed to enter that information and your profile has been validated, you’re good to go. First, the homepage will take you on an excursion to the WPC 2029 event and demonstrate how to make a wager.

Following the demo session, the site advises some prevalent brawls timetabled for that deadline and invites you to wager on them.

The homepage also displays the rooster data and statistics and win probability to assist you in choosing which rooster to venture a guess on, as well as the amount and the total number of individuals who have bet on the match.

Challenges can be positioned at any time leading up to the game, but they will not be approved once the fight begins. And, once the fight begins, WPC 2029 will broadcast the entire match with chat activated, allowing you to interact with other spectators from around the world. After the battle, you can deposit your winnings into your bank account.


1. What is sabong?

Ans. Sabong is the term for placing a challenge in a cockfight.

2. What is WPC 2029?

Ans. WPC 2029 is a site that allows you to challenge yourself in cockfights from anywhere in the world.

3. After your profile is verified what happens next?

Ans. After your profile verification is done, WPC 2029 gives you a tour of the whole site and shows you a demo of how to challenge.

4. How to access the site if it is banned in your country?

Ans. You can use a VPN to place bets on WPC 2029.

5. How to watch the fights you place your challenge on?

Ans. After placing the challenge, you can watch the fight live on the site itself.

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