Big Show’s Wife Bess Katramados: Her, Bio, Career, Net Worth & More

Who Exactly Is Bess Katramados? 

Bess Katramados, an ex-model from the United States, drew Paul’s attention in the year 2002. According to the law, he and Melissa Ann Piavis were never officially divorced.

Bess has never lived anywhere other than in the United States, which is where she was born and raised. Bess has never lived anywhere other than the United States in her entire life.

Early Life Of Bess Katramados

Bess Katramados made her debut in the world on July 13, 1973. Her current location in the United States is Illinois. While Katramados did attend Illinois Lutheran High and was ultimately successful in completing her education there, she chose to focus most of her time and energy on seeking a career in the modeling industry instead.

Katramados received a diploma with honors from Illinois Lutheran High School, where he studied for four years. There is now publicly available information regarding Bess Katramados; however, this material is in no way exhaustive.

What Does Bess Do For A Living?

After being married, she decided to put her modeling career on hold so that she could focus on raising her family. Even before she became pregnant, she had already decided that giving birth to a child would be her top priority.

She was already well-known, but after she married the most famous athlete in the world, her star swiftly shot to the top of the sports world. This was a significant contributor to the spectacular ascent to prominence that she experienced.

The impending wedding was a significant factor in the decision. Together with her spouse, she participates in a significant number of live promotional tours each year. These types of vacations typically involve traveling to several different cities.

Relationship With Big Show

Big Show made his first appearance in public with Bess Katramados, a friend of Melissa Ann Piavis from before they broke up. This was Big Show’s debut. His ex’s previous significant other was a woman named Melissa Ann Piavis.

During their successful partnership, he came into contact with Melissa Ann Piavis and ultimately fell in love with her. Since the two of them exchanged their vows in 2002, Bess has stood by his side through the highs and lows that life has to offer.

They ultimately decided that getting married was their best option. The Big Show is a father of three thanks to the unions of his two previous wives. The contented couple Paul Wight and Melissa Ann Piavis welcomed one kid into the world.

The couple had one child together while they were still together. Bess Katramados is the biological mother of Paul Wight’s two stepchildren from a previous relationship, and she is also the stepmother of his two children from a previous relationship

Bess Katramados’ Husband

Paul Donald Wight performs under the name The Big Show, which is also his moniker. “The Big Show” is the stage name that Paul Donald Wight is better known by, and it is the one that the majority of people recognize.

His first match in a professional capacity took place in 1995, and it was for WCW once again; however, this time he competed under the ring name Giant. Additionally, in that same year, he made his debut for the first time with WCW.

The Big Show has been working as a professional wrestler for about 25 years, during which time he has appeared for major promotions like WCW and WWE. Even more astounding is the fact that he has racked up a plethora of honors and victories throughout his professional life.

In addition to his duties as an announcer for AEW, he also takes the stage for the company on occasion. Nearly 25 years have passed since he first began his career in the world of professional wrestling. When he first started in the wrestling business, he got his start officiating matches.

Net Worth Of Bess Katramados

The information that is currently available is insufficient to offer a realistic estimate of Bess Katramados’s fortune at this time. mainly because there is now no information that is pertinent available. On the other hand, it is estimated that The Big Show is worth approximately $20 million.


What is Bess Katramados’ nationality?

Bess Katramados’ nationality is American.

How many children in total does Bess Katramados have?

She has 2 children.

What is the name of Big Show’s partner?

Both in the United States and the United Kingdom, Melissa Big Show has become a viral success thanks to her online videos. She got famous because of Big Show. His wife’s name is Bess Katramados.

Where did Big Show find his future spouse?

In the year 2000, Big Show met the famous Bess Katramados.

What year did Big Show and Bess Katramados tie the knot?

Big Show and his wife Bess Katramados tied the knot in 2002. Information about their wedding is scarce.

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