Crunchbase Raises $50 Million In Funding for Expanding Its Database Startup

Crunchbase, is one of the leading platforms in the area of gaining and spreading awareness about a business and various intelligent human resources.

Crunchbase announced that it successfully raised $50 million in its B series funding.

The round was led by Alignment Growth, one of the leading investment managers of all time. Other investors who participated actively included Omers Venture, a Canadian investment and administration company; Mayfield, a US-based capital firm that supports investment; and Emergence Capital, one of the greatest software companies. 

The CEO, Jager McConnell, refuses to reveal the actual valuation of the company after this series of funding because it was valued at $150 million in its last series C funding, so it can be said that now its valuation is more than $150 million as per ventureswiggerstechcrunch.

The CEO of Crunchbase says that in this tough competitive world where there is tough competition at every step, businesses face the challenge of managing account-based intelligence. Various businesses conduct research or employ various potential researchers or accountants so that they can handle the accounts.

But it requires an understanding of the accounts and other relevant information, which increases the cost of operation and thereby decreases the revenue earned.

At Crunchbase, we provide the same facilities to our customers, and that’s why a growing number of businesses are looking forward to our business for this facility. 

He further adds that in Crunchbase we have an API-driven system that makes the account handling process easy. We have evolved in this field over the past 15 years. At present, we have more than 75 million visitors and recently successfully surpassed 60,000 paying customers. 

Furthermore, in an email, he wrote that we are going to issue prospects to find more engaged and talented qualified accountants while retaining the employee talent in our company and simultaneously creating awareness for those companies who want to be discovered in this field.

Since 2015, when we became an independent company, we have continuously worked hard to develop our platform, the best-ever platform in the area of accounting procedures.

At present, the company is popularly known for allowing deal makers to find the best and most qualified accountants for handling their operations and accounts. 

Alignment growth is now among the prestigious partners at Crunchbase. Alex Losilevich, one of the partners of alignment growth, states that Crunchbase software is an admirable platform that combines rich and proprietary company data with potential decision makers and thereby makes the process of investment and funding a simple one and available at your doorstep.

Apart from this, it also enhanced the investor’s ability to drive a great return on their investment. 

Alex further says that he is planning to join Crunchbase as a member of the board of directors of the company. He added that we, and all our teammates, expect that CrunchBase will work hard in the upcoming future.

It will accelerate or maybe double its growth, and I want to contribute to this growth through my active participation as a member of the board.  

The company is a growing company, founded in 2007 by Michael Larrington, and at present, it has raised a total of $50 million. Also, recently it launched a new ARR platform, which is seen as one of the best platforms in terms of profitability and gaining customer attention.

The company is also deciding to grow its ARR platform more and raise its value to $38 million. Apart from this, the other future plans of the company are to expand the business with the help of new investors that joined the company in this funding round. 

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