Who Is Davi Lucca: Son Of The Greatest Footballer In The World

Davi Luka is one of the famous celebrity kids who are well known for being the son of Neymar. His father is one of the best, most loving, and most passionate players in Brazil who at present play and represent the national football team of Brazil.

His father is among the world’s best football players, who are known for their skills, sharpness, and cleverness in the game. Being the son of Neymar, he is sometimes also known as Neymar junior, which means the second of his father.

Davi Lucca’s Physical Appearance

Daddy was born on August 24, 2011, and, at present, he is 11 years old. The little cute and charming boy has a height of 1.33 m and a weight of 27 kg. His hair color is light brown, which suits his personality, and his eye color is brown, which exactly matches his hair color. 

Davi Lucca Early Life And Education

Davi was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as the son of Neymar and Carolina Dantas. He is, by birth, very famous because of his father’s profession. However, Davi’s parents do not live together, and they share child custody.

The sharing of custody never seems like a problem between the three, as Davi spends quality time with his mother as well as his father and enjoys the company of both. Similarly, his father and mother share that they never face any problems while sharing custody and they both love their son a lot.

Regarding his education, there are no definitive documents that specify the institution he attends, however he might have attended a nearby high school.

Davi Lucca Career: A Footballer Or Something Else? 

At present, Davi is a child and it cannot be stated which profession he will choose as a career. It might be possible that he follows the passion and profession of his father, and on the contrary, it might also be possible that he chooses any other profession. 

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Davi Lucca Girlfriend: Who Is She? 

Davi is too young to handle any kind of relationship. At present, he is not committed to any girl, nor was he in his past. If in the foreseeable future, any girl comes into his life, then the same shall be updated in this article. 

Davi Lucca Social Media: The Famous Instagram Star

Davi is one of the most loved and recognized faces on Instagram, he has more than 1 million followers and 273 posts in which he has various pictures of himself in different styles and poses. Aside from Instagram, he also has accounts with the same name on Twitter and Facebook that are unofficially not his.

Davi Lucca Net Worth: Earnings Of His Parents 

Davi is a small child and not engaged in any kind of profession, but he has a net worth of $1.5 million from the hard work and earnings of his parents. 


Does Davi have any siblings?

No, Davi is the single child of his parents and does not have any siblings.

What does Davi often do in his spare time?

In his spare time, we love to watch football matches.

Who is your favorite sportsman of Davi?

Davi’s favorite sportsperson is Kylian Lottin, who is a professional French football player.

What is the real name of Davi?

Davi’s real name is David Lucca de Silva Santos.

What was the name that was initially planned to be given to Davi at his birth?

It was initially planned to give the name Matheus to Davi when he was born, but later on, his name was changed.

Who are your grandparents of Davi?

Nadine Santos and Neymar Santos are grandparents of Davi.

Does Davi have any aunts or uncles?

Yes, Davi has an aunt named Rafaella Santos.

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