€ 270M Finance Received By Tech Rental, Grover From M&G Company

A new debt financing facility of €270M  has been received by Grover. Grover is a company that enables the public to rent technology products by subscribing them without the need of buying them. This financing facility has been given by the England-based savings and investment company, M&G. 

As the environmental apprehension and the contamination of the environment through humans are on peak and getting worse day after another. Many people are looking to live sustainably and supportable.

In this time of uneasiness, Grover has built around a business that gives a reason to the public to discard the use of some consumer electronics like monitors, mobiles, electric scooters, etc., and can build interest in their offers like some of the attractive and exciting subscriptions to use their stock of old and new devices instead. 

Germany-based Grover is an enterprise whose e-commerce website is available which provides digital devices on rent and thus decreases the need of buying some of the electronic items. In 2015, Grover company was founded, Michael Cassau is the founder of this company. Its headquarters is present in Berlin, Germany. 

The company offers a number of branded electric devices to deduce e-waste use and those includes Apple Inc. iPhones and iPads, Apple watches and Microsoft Corp. video game console of Xbox etc. once the rental period get over, the devices are sended back to the store to get renovated and upgraded so that they can hired out it again.

The grover has decided to utilize this fresh capital in expanding its product inventory which will then serve the elevating demand of customers in the prevailing markets such as Netherlands, Spain, Austria and Germany and also in two European Markets. 

After this gearing-up shot of the German scale-up, it has risen to the next phase of growth. Some new high profile board members were also hired by Grover which includes the former media executive Joanna Coles, the former CEO of snap Lara Sweet, Colleen  DeCourcy, chief creative officer of Snap, Sarah McPhee the former Klarna board member.

Grover’s Business model’s recent funding is an important agreement of strength in the current market environment, which is the most demanding and challenging than ever.

As in today’s world, the grandiosity and cost of living is on a continuous rise, a large number of purchasers are getting attracted to Grover’s renting platform like a magnet to retrieve the need of the technology without paying and lavishing for those gigantic expense devices.

The company aims to resonate with the common people with their dreams, without letting them into lifelong arrears. 

Since the beginning of 2022, the customer base of Grover’s has increased by more than 50% and the demand is usually high in Western Europe and US and also in the B2B segment. 

With the fresh funding, Grover aims to bridge the gap of digital unavailability due to hike in prices, to all customers all over the world. 

It was said by the Founder and Chief Executive of Grover, Michael Cassau, that technology is one of the basic rights of humans, with the advancement in digital technology by Grover’s, every person could benefit from the experience that right tech in the right hands can convey.

He also added that Grover allows the public to get in touch with their required access without the threat of getting into debt.

M & G is a London, England-based company that is a global asset manager and one of the largest and reputed leaders in ESG investing. It was founded in 1931 and the CEO of this company is Andrea Rossi. The total assets managed by them is almost over 308B pound sterling. 

Michael Cassau said that, the partnership with M&G is going to be treasure in helping us out in developing an impact metric to calculate the positive effect on society, by deducing the amount of debt dependency and presenting an affordable reach to the technology and also by elongating the devices’ lifetime and thus reducing the e-waste. 

So far, €800M in debt funding has been raised by Grover in Europe and $250M in the USA. Popularity has been gained by asset-backed loaning among the companies and among the lenders who are active in the circular economy space. 


Today’s world is heading towards digitalization and started to count digital devices as their daily used items. On the other hand, the cost of living is on its way to touch another level. Between this non-stopping grappling, the common man is struggling to survive the change.

At the struggling stage, Grover makes a way out by assessing the digital devices to those in need of them but incapable of affording them and also saving them from debt. M&G is encouraging Grover in their purpose and has given €270M in debt financing.


What is the aim of this fundraising?

The aim is to expand its boundaries to all over the world.

Who is the CEO of Grover company?

Michael Cassau.

How much fund has been received by Grover?


What did the Grover Company do?

Grover is an enterprise whose e-commerce website is available which provides digital devices on rent and thus decreases the need of buying some of electronic items.

Who has given the funds to Grover?

M&G Company

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